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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The TieredCaker app

I actually got the app because I saw another baker friend's review.  This was before I got my iPad and was trying to decide on it or a tablet.  So I began searching for similar products for the tablet.  There were a dozen apps about cakes if you wanted games or recipes, not that a recipe app is a bad thing, but nothing like what I saw in the TieredCaker.

I waited until the update came out which fixed a few of the problems I kept hearing about in the first one, such as not being able to get a custom cutting chart or enough odd pan shapes, but those seem tto have been relatively easy things to fix.  While there isn't a cutting chart for custom sizing there is a serving chart to help you determine how many pieces you should be able to get from each sized pan that you indicate you are using.  That is still more helpful than trying to guess.

I also like being able to include the top tier in your calculations if you choose too.  I offer a fresh anniversary tier so my top tiers are always included in the number of servings.  This allows you to show the difference in how much cake is offered.

It will also help you decide what size your pieces should be if you wish.  In the sizing chart there is a small link that says, "help me decide" that basically offers you slide bars that change dimensions and cake slice size.  Once you reach the slice size you think is best you click "choose recommended slice" and it works from those numbers.  It's a neat little function.

It covers a variety of pan shapes including petal, oval and heart and you can switch between shapes while in calculating and stacking mode which is nice.  It does not cover hexagon or diamond shape so you are still on your own for those.

All of the features for emailing or printing are still there.  The text is nice and large and the navigation is still very user friendly.  I have used the app when in client consultations and it really helped the client get a better idea of how much cake they were getting as well as see the cost differences.

I would recommend app.  It is one of the major reasons I ended up with the iPad as well since it was one of the few apps I've seen that were specifically created for bakers/decorators and it's not going to be made available on the tablet.  

If you are curious it is definitely worth a walk through and a very affordable tool.

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