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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The SheetCaker app

I decided to get the SheetCaker app as an addendum to my TieredCaker app.  While sheet cakes aren't as complicated to size and price it is still nice to have a more accurate guide for dimensions than the "approximate" serving.  Most cakes need to be squared or the crustier edges cut a bit so they aren't the exact size that a pan might indicate.  Having the ability to change the pan size to reflect a more accurate finished cake and the size of the cut piece allows for a more accurate quote when talking with clients.  I have also been able to use the app to illustrate to clients how the cake would be cut based on sizing and it reflects the price as well.  This combination is nice as well.  

It has been a great app when putting together quotes where the cake is multi-dimensional or sculpted.  Knowing how many servings are needed and how many servings can be yielded from a cake once it's been changed helps with calculating how much cake might be needed.  

I like the ability to print out a cutting guide as well.  Many times when delivering sheet cake the comment I hear is, "Are you sure that will be enough?"  I am sure this is because they are accustomed to cutting larger than normal pieces of cake.  While it won't prevent them from doing the same thing it will at least visually guide them to the number of servings they should get from the cake.

Over all I like the app as a helpful tool.  It is easy to navigate from calculator to pan size, viewing the cutting guide and either emailing or printing the guide.  Changing the price is easy and the print is large and easy to ready.  This is a very user friendly app and one I would recommend others. 

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