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Monday, January 21, 2013

Cold Call Advertising

So this one is about advertisers calling my home. I understand that this is one way that publications get put together and I don't mind, in general, getting these calls but I do mind when I feel like it's a quasi-scam if not a full on scam.

For example,  I received a message this week about an advertising opportunity using a popular social media network.  I call them back and it went down hill from there.  First I had to remind them of who I am, my business name and why I'm calling.
  Hint #1 - If you call someone to do business with them you should be keeping a log of who you called,      when and why you called them.  Having their name and business name, as well as where they are located, is also good.

She explains to me that their business opportunity is to put me up front on this social network and there is only a small up front fee and then a monthly fee.  Since there's not a contract I only have to pay for each month I allow them to boost my business.
  Hint #2 - When using a social network that is already free to use and has their own marketing venue that, while does have cost associated, is minimal and affordable.

Even when I'm intrigued enough to consider I always take 24 hours to think about it.  It allows me to not make an impulse decision I can't get out of and regret and if they are willing to let me take that time and get back to them it is usually a more legitimate offer.
     Hint #3 - They should not have to ask where you are located in relation to other major cities.  Telling you that your closest local competitor is also on the list but they only know that by association of city to city and aren't naming in any names in order to get you to make a quicker decision is not a good strategy.

I end the call telling her I do not make these decisions without 24 hours to think and that I will call her back the next day.  The next day I have three repeat phone calls from this company.  Why three and why within three minutes?  I suppose because when I couldn't get to the phone and my voice mail kicked on they did not leave a message and calling back two more times from two different display extensions with the same number would some how prompt me to answer.  It did not.

I understand that marketing and advertising requires cold calling from time to time but it doesn't mean it can't be done professionally and it also doesn't mean we're all going to say yes.

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