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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cupcake Wars

My daughter loves to watch this show with me.  And I get asked quite often if I watch these types of shows.  I don't watch as many as I used to a couple of reasons, one, I don't have as much time and secondly I don't find as many out there are as likable as I used to either.  I DVR The Next Great Baker and occasionally Sweet Genius.  They have few Challenges now but they have Sugar Dome which I'm going to check out.   I find myself more interested in David Tutera Real Weddings.

So why Cupcake Wars?  Honestly I don't care about the competition at the end, the drama between about who almost made it to the next round.  I'm watching them put their cupcakes together (as much as they show) and I can privately agree or disagree with what they are doing.  My reason was always round one - the eclectic taste competition.  I absolutely adore this round.  These guys know going in they are going to be given weird food combos and they always act like there is nothing they can create.  I have found myself making lists of what's on that table and asking myself, "What would I combine?"  Then my kids started asking,  "Mom, what would you have put together?"  Granted, I'm really glad that I don't have to taste all those combinations.  And in round two, their fondant decorations are always interesting to see but it's round one I care most about.  To be fair, in round two  hearing their own flavor combinations can be intriguing too.

But now, as I said in the beginning, my daughter loves to watch them with me.  She likes to try to predict who will win, ask me what I think and what would I make.  So we've found our own little bonding experience on Tuesday nights watching cupcake wars before she heads to bed.

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