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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Unhappy Workers

I don't have employees but I have been one. I am still a consumer and I have certain preferences about the places I shop. One of my regular stops is a local business where I would say 50% of my supplies come from.

Recently I ran into a regular employee whom I have gotten to know and she is always happy, always smiling and always ready to help. This day she was not. Our conversation is short and is summed up with, "I'm not happy here anymore and not too many are but we keep coming back because it's a job."

This is so sad to me. I'm not saying she has the right of it as there are always two sides and this is hers but it conveys to me, as a customer, that she is unhappy with the management. It has affected her outlook on her job and, if you think about it, her outlook on each day. She doesn't want to come to work. At work she wishes she were elsewhere. It comes across in her demeanor and body language and ultimately her speech.

I will still come to this store because no place is perfect. But it reminded me of one or two very fundamental things.

1. Always smile when you answer the phone because people will hear it. Your opening attitude will determine the entire conversation. If you sound less than thrilled to answer your work phone then they may be less than thrilled about hiring you.

2. Your words and attitude have a strong impact on how others view you and your business. You may say all the right things but if the wrong attitude is behind it your clients will be able to tell and it could directly impact your business.

I have the most difficult boss in the world; myself. So if I have an unhappy worker I have only myself to blame.

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