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Monday, April 23, 2012

Mom and dad, you pick the cake!

What a great way to usher in the month of April.  The first true spring cake and it was picked by the bride's parents.  Mom and dad, you pick the cake - these are the very words Mrs. Robinson said her daughter told her.    

These are not often the words you will hear from a bride.  I've had brides tell me that they are only getting cake for the reception because they have to have one; they don't really eat cake.  (They don't really have to have a cake but I'll talk about that another time.)   In this case, the bride eats cake but it wasn't the most important aspect to her and she trusted her parents with the entire process.  That takes a lot of trust and I could tell when speaking with Mr. and Mrs. Robinson that theirs was a family that was close and that they would design the perfect cake.

They brought in two very different but specific images to help make their choice and chose a simple selection of white, chocolate and lemon cake.  We talked, laughed, discussed and really enjoyed the mutual company.  In the end, they chose all white cake and frosting but also wanted chocolate cake and we did those in sheet cakes to be served as requested.  They chose a simple but lovely design and we tweaked it just a bit to make it stand out.  They provided me a color swatch to match the banding and in the end we had a lovely four tier confection.

This cake was also a thrill for me as it allowed me to work with two of my favorite vendors who both recommended me to this lovely family.  Flowers by Gary provided our bride, Chanita, with her flowers and Pine Lake Pavillion was the venue.  A huge thank you to both!

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