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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Belated birthday blog at PlayNation

This is a belated birthday party story.  The story actually happened in December before Christmas.   Some of you may know that I do cupcakes for a local indoor play company called PlayNation of Morrisville http://www.playnationparties.com/.  So when someone has a birthday party there, and they are awesome by the way, the cupcakes that their children receive come from me (unless for some reason they have an allergy I can't bake for or they just don't want cupcakes!) 

 It's not unusual for the party goers to have specific requests from time to time, like, pink frosting, no sprinkles, yellow cake instead of vanilla, blue wrappers, etc.  I do my best to customize as much as I can.  One order however became very specific and I was asked to call the parent directly, which of course I did, letting her know she could work with me directly for her needs.  This mom of twin boys, both adorable, was attempting a Dr. Seuss party theme she'd seen on line.  Her request was pretty simple, "can you do blue frosting and red paper?"  No problem.  "Can you do yellow cake instead of vanilla and chocolate?"  No problem.  "What else can you do?"  One of my most/least favorite questions.   Long story short, after much discussion, emails with pictures and arrangements, we came up with the an extra 6" round in blue with white polka dots to sit on top of the cupcake stand she created and would be filled with the cupcakes.  The yellow cake was filled with cookies and cream filling and all was frosted in blue buttercream. 

Since their party was so close to Christmas and she's a busy mom of twins, I decided to wait until after the holidays to request pictures.  So, without further ado, the finished product.

What an amazing job she did creating this stand for her boys!  My understanding is the party was a thrilling success and much cake was enjoyed by all.  Sometimes it's fun to just do things a little differently.

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