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Friday, July 13, 2012

Tisha and Rodney's wedding update

So I haven't gotten all the pictures back but the couple that I do have are really great.  I am told that not only did the bride love her wedding cake but the groom couldn't get over his XBOX 360 cake and controller.  It was so much fun to make.  Here are the images I do have thanks to Megan Bugbee of MEB Photography  http://www.facebook.com/MEBPhotography02.

You also must keep in mind we had a bit of a floral snag.  Originally the florist was to leave flowers to be cascaded down the cake.  When the delivery guy was leaving I asked for those flowers and he said he didn't have any.  Immediately a phone call was made the Catherine of www.cherishedcelebrations.com who was actually at the ceremony site.  When the delivery guy found me six, count them six, small little flowers left over in a corsage container, she asked that I use them as a topper.  It did explain the abundance of flowers at the ceremony site.  I am waiting for a second set of photos but I'm told the some flowers did make it to the cake.  
This was a good reminder that things can go wrong.  When putting a cake together sometimes we have areas that we think, "Oh, I can cover that with a flower."  Unless you are actually providing the flowers you better not count on it.  Luckily I wasn't counting on the flowers to cover any major flaws but that cascade of orchids would have looked really pretty too.

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