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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What do you do besides cake?

At first I didn't understand this question.  Then I realized that what they really wanted to know was:
Do you also do catering?  Do you make cheese cakes?  Do you do breads?  Do you make muffins?  Do you make pies? The list goes on so you get the idea.

How I would like to answer this: no, sometimes, only for my family, yes, yes and only for me right now, et cetera. 

In all fairness it is an interesting question.  It is a query into my baking and dessert making skills.  I do make bread and such for my family but not for sale.   I do make muffins for both dessert and breakfast.
Cheesecakes have proven to be a bit more problematic but something that gives me a goal.  When you can make a great cheesecake then you've really figured it out.  I cater only in the respect that I deliver to a venue.  I can set up the table and I can artfully arrange the scene but that is as far as my catering skills go.  I do like to make pies but only for my family right now.  I would love to do a pie buffet for a truly ambitious person.  Pie is really fun and I love pie! 

I suppose that it's another facet into the personality of the baker.  If you say, "I'm a baker," most will presume that is all things baked.  I can understand that.  But someday I'd like someone to ask me, "What do you do besides cake?" and actually mean with the rest of my day!

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  1. I would say that cake making would take up enough time if creating wedding cakes is on a consistent basis!