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Monday, February 28, 2011

Family business or....

...a business that seems to be in the family blood. 

I have a cousin that lives in Michigan that I have not see in some 30 years.  Thanks to modern technology (FaceBook) we have been able to reconnect and become family again.  So you can imagine my surprise when I see my cousin Beckie turning out these killer cakes.  She doing sculpting and fondant and wedding cakes.  Suddenly we're swapping recipes and techniques back and forth and it's sooo cool.  I mean, this is not something either of us intended to do but here we are.  We are both self taught and both just passionate about cake, frosting and art and all that jazz. 

So how does this happen?  How does she live so far away and have a time gap so broad and yet here we are patting each other on the back every other day over cake achievements?  All I know is it's very cool!  What would be cooler is if she was closer so she could work with me and we could really bust some heads (in a sweet, cake related way!)  

It's a shout out to family!  It must be in the blood.  That Ferguson side must run some darn pretty shades of creative juice because we seem to have it in spades!  One of these days we're gonna get it together and then just look out!  

Here's a couple of the fabulous cakes she's done.  Awesome!!

Love ya Beckie!

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