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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Baking substitutions

Since I bake scratch I've never really tried this method, and I'm sure there's a scratch recipe that uses it I've just never looked, but last night I had some cupcakes a friend made where she replaced the oil, water and eggs in the box mix with a can of diet soda (sprite alternative).   I'd read about such substitutions before but never really felt the urge to see what would happen. 
  Overall the cupcakes were still tasty.  The texture was light and the crumb moist but they didn't want to hold together once removed from the wrapper.   It was as though structurally they just didn't hold together if that makes sense.  They were tasty but felt, I guess the word is, insubstantial.  I felt like I could probably eat a dozen before I felt like I'd had cupcakes.  This is not to say the weren't tasty or bad just very different. 
  I'm not sure the purpose of making such a substitution but now I know the outcome.  Would they have been different had she just used regular soda (or regular sprite alternative)? 
  Has anyone else ever tried this with different results?  Did you like them or not?  Curiosity takes the field on this one.

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  1. If there was no egg substitute used then that explains the falling-apart thing that happened. I would be surprised that they were still moist, since you didn't add the oil, but cake mixes have hydrogenated oils added into them, so there was probably still enough fat in the mix that it took care of that. I bet you'd have a different result if you tried this in a scratch recipe, but I don't think that there would be much of a difference if oyu used a regular soda with a mix!