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Thursday, September 23, 2010

New items we're adding! Shaped iced cookies and tarts!

If I had nothing else to say about the bridal show we attended two weeks ago I would now add that it as very educational.  The number of different items that brides, grooms, mothers of the bride/groom, friends all asked for were quite numerous.  A couple of items stood out more than others.  The first was how to construct, or the possible combinations you can use to construct, the wedding cupcake tree.  The second concerned wedding favors, specifically either smaller, boxed cakes or iced wedding cookies.  I brought these ideas home and have been working them over.   You just never really know what people want or what they are looking for until you get the chance to ask and then listen. 

So we wanted to announce here, and will be updating the web page and Facebook soon, that we are now offering shaped iced cookies and tarts as wedding favors or additional desserts.  We have a variety of packaging that can be offered with the cookies or tarts so that they can be added as a lovely favor to any occasion that will compliment and coordinate with your entire theme.

  As with any cake, the cupcake tree can be done in a variety of ways.  The top tier can always be the usual cake tier followed by multiple rows of cupcakes with matching paper and designs, unique topper or tags and are easily self serve.  Having a regular cake tier on top still allows the bride and groom to "cut the cake" and eat it too!   There is also the full cupcake tree option where all is cupcake and can be designed in multiple ways to create a look that is signature for the couple.  And of course there is always the smaller cake for the bridal party surrounded by the artfully arranged cupcakes which again allows for self service. 

These are all easy and fun ideas that add a uniquely decorative touch to any event.  Have any other questions or great ideas, please let me know!

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