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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wish Upon a Wedding

Most of us dream of our wedding day.  We dream about all the wonderful things that will happen and it will perfect and everything we hope for.  Weddings are becoming more and more a part of our daily lives at a very young age with the multitude of television and media coverage they receive, whether it's a lavish, star studded event or a Bridezilla disaster, and changing the way we now think of our wedding day.

Now let us picture the undreamed of, unexpected possiblity that your wedding may never happen.  Your dream day is not going to happen.  The reasons why are numerous but the end result is the same - no dream wedding.

Wish Upon a Wedding is an organization working to change that around the country.  A non-profit group where each and every wedding professional involved donates their time, energy and expertise to make that wish come true. 

I am now an official wish granter with this organization and really proud to be apart of something that spreads so much joy, asking nothing in return.  To learn more about the NC chapter of Wish Upon a Wedding you can go here http://wishuponawedding.org/north-carolina/. 

Our launch party was recently held at http://topogreatroom.com/venue.php and it was an absolute treat. 
Some of the professionals in attendance included:

Catherine Katz, Owner, Cherished Celebrations http://www.cherishedcelebrations.com/about-us/http://www.cherishedcelebrations.com/about-us/

Pasha Davis, Owner, Bridal Flavors (a division of Davis Design) http://www.thedavisdesigns.com/bridalflavors/index.html

Meiki Council, Owner, Ivy League Affairs http://ivyleagueaffairs.com/AM.php?/users/awp.php?ln=57642

200 cake cups in chocolate and vanilla

Meiki Council, Veronica Yoshida, Pasha Davis
Wish Upon a Wedding, September 2011


  1. I'm considering looking into this group for the DC chapter. They do weddings in Virginia, and my bridal association would probably be a good fit to be donors!

  2. That is excellent to hear, Kara! Even being a Wish Grantor is a great contribution. I'd be interested to hear what happens.