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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What flavors do you have? (a sort of random thought process)

**I give disclaimer now that this particular blog seems to ramble a bit, seems disjointed and is possibly a list of random thoughts...some days that's just how it is.**

What flavors do you have?   Hmmm...I've worked very hard to put together a starter list of flavors on the website to get interested clients started.  I'm going to read that same list to you when we talk. and know that there are as many cake flavors as there possibilities. 
I've come to understand after a few minutes of conversation that many clients have been in the "it's standard" and "everybody does it this way" category.  They are given to believe that they can only have one cake flavor or they will get a ton of extra charges thrown at them (see my friend Kara's post on this and other cake lies at http://acaketorememberva.blogspot.com/2011/06/cake-lies-that-liars-tell.html ).  Digressing....

So what cake flavors do I have?  A quick browsing of the website will show at least a half a dozen flavors that classic starters.  Chocolate, vanilla, yellow, carrot, red velvet (a staple), strawberry...but just like a box of 96 colors of crayons there are that many and more flavors of cake you can create.  There are combinations that can create a whole new taste.  There just isn't an easy way to answer this question.  I thought by asking, "what are your favorite flavors" I would get a more narrow path to pursue.  Sadly, I was met with, "I don't know." 

My short version for today, I suppose, would be this:  remember that not everyone in the cake business is going to "do it this way."  Rather than ask what cake flavors (frosting, filling, etc.) I have, think about what you like and ask instead ask, "Do you make (insert flavor choice here)?"  Chances are that even if it's not listed it is completely doable and can lead us to other flavors you may not have thought about or a combination you might like to try. 

So remember, ask not what flavors do I have but with your flavor choice in mind, what flavor can I make for you!

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