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Monday, April 25, 2011

Week in review...

Okay, so maybe it's more like three weeks in review.  Time management is usually something I'm very good at.  I'm usually a very organized person. .  I mean, who really wants to hear what I have to say about cake and baking and business?  Apparently a few people do so I have to be responsible at least for them and hopefully they will forgive me if I ramble.

Along with the April showers (and tornadoes) came a flurry of activity and events.  We started off the month of April with a wonderful fund raiser for my daughter's preschool.  That led us into the final week before a wedding which is when I'm making sure I've double checked my list for pre-made decorations and equipment. 

The weekend of April 16th brought us a beautiful wedding and terrible weather.  My heart goes out to all the families and businesses that suffered that day and I count myself blessed to have not suffered any ill effects.  However, that also brought me into the one week prep period for my next wedding. 

This was my first month of weddings where they were weekend bookends.  I have had several periods where one wedding a month may be the norm so even though I knew that I could do one each weekend the physical practice had not been applied to the theory.  I survived and did so with flying colors. 

Many people that I've talked to about this that know I run a cake business keep saying "you all" or "you guys".  I have had to correct many people on the concept these last couple of weeks that there is "no they" only me.  This is when they stop and look at me like I've got three heads followed by, "you do all that by yourself?"  The answer is always the same, "yes."  One more reason why it takes me a little longer to get to my blog.

So please forgive me if I'm not current.  I am trying.  I hope everyone had a wonderful April, a blessed and beautiful Easter and I'll see you soon.

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