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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just a few cakes...

I really need to find a balance between baking all day and getting to the computer in my constant need to update everything.  But baking, decorating and delivering take time and then somewhere, some time I'm supposed to sleep.  Eh, sleep is negotiable.  Anyway, last weekend I had a tremendous amount of baking to do.  It was absolutely one of the busiest weekends I've had yet.   Not only did I have my regular cupcake order, about 187 of them, but I also catered a Christmas party, a baby shower and a birthday. 
  The Christmas party was for my husband's office and they like chocolate cake/chocolate frosting and carrot cake/vanilla buttercream.  They also like them in individual serving sizes, 25 of each. 
  The baby shower was done in "block" style and, once again, individual serving sizes totaling 24. 
Lastly was the bumble bee cake.  How can you turn down a cute little face turning 4 who wants a bumble bee cake. 
 I couldn't and she was so cute when I delivered it because she was dressed like a bumble bee. 

If I have anything to add to this mayhem it's that being busy with work is still a blessing.  If it's a complaint it's a good one and I'll gladly take on more.  And if I don't remember or get the chance to post before Christmas I sincerely wish everyone a Merry Christmas with warmth and love this holiday season ad new hope for the New Year.

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